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Getting back locked fund from non-verified paypal account!

It would be a horrible experience if paypal lock your account, fund, set a imitation or you have more fund remaining in Paypal than your limitation! Or if your Paypal account is locked with some fund for some identity verification or for some other stupid reasons.

There are some way to get back your Paypal fund and your Paypal account too. Read my other post about getting a verified US Paypal account without being a us resident!

Okay lets talk about getting back your PayPal fund here.

Paypal generally lock 'Sending limit' or 'withdraw limit' but you still can buy some product from online with that fund! 

But to release that fund you would need another verified Paypal account , You can open another Paypal account and verified that account or you can take help from your friends or family members who has a verified Paypal account.

Now follow the instruction below:

Send a 'Payment request' to your Paypal account from a verified Paypal account. 
Now you would get an email to your Paypal email address. Paypal would send you a virtual Payment button through email. Click the 'Pay now' button from your email. Visit the page and then login and Pay . 

You have to collect that amount from your friends or family who just received the payment from your account. This trick works 99.99% times. 

If your Monthly Paypal withdraw limitation is $500; It means you have verified one way. Paypal has 3 step of verifications: 

(i) Bank account  
(ii) Card verification (Debit/Credit)
(iii) TIN verification

So, complete just 2 step of these 3 it will set your transactions limit unlimited. This is for Personal Paypal account Business paypal might require more verification process.

If you still face any problem just comments below. I will try my best to give you some tips for free :)


Use Paypal from Bangladesh, Pakistan or countries that doesn't support Paypal!

It is very easy to buy anything from online using Paypal and you can also take money from your clients for your services if you are a freelancer. Most of the giant 'Freelance Marketplaces' like '' '' '' support Paypal.

The way you can get a verified PayPal account: It is very tough to use Paypal if PayPal doesn't support your country like Bangladesh, Pakistan and some African nations. But there is a way to use PayPal legally. You need a 'Payoneer' Debit Master Card to create and verify your PayPal account!

The way to get a Payoneer debit Master-card: You need an account with any Payoneer Partners programme. Just create an account with any 'Freelance Marketplace you like. Mine is ' . And then apply for a 'Payoneer' debit master-card from any partners, from oDesk go  'wallet>withdraw methods>Payoneer' Then open a Payoneer account and make sure you fill-up your correct home address within 160 characters. And then apply for 'Shipping a Payoneer card' It will be in your home within 21-40 days if you order through regular mail. If you don't get your card just contact with Payoneer support they will resend your card. You can also order master card by DHL and it will be in your home within 3-5 days! but it will charge you $60! Once you get the payoneer debit master-card active it would cost $10 for activation and will charge another $2/month for account maintance. 

 The way you can verify a PayPal account: Once you active your Payoneer card make sure you have at least $2 in your Payoneer card and then apply for 'Us-Payment service' by connecting with Payoneer support, they will send you an immediate invitation for that service. Once 'Us-Payment' service is active for your account you are free to open a personal PayPal account. But you have to keep in mind that you will have to apply for a paypal account as US citizen. So make sure 4 things when you sign-up with PayPal:

(i) Your Paypal Name must be same as Payoneer
(ii) Your have to choose USA as country of your Paypal account
(iii) Use USA address (You should also change Payoneer address as Paypal)
(iv) Use USA Phone number (Don't worry Paypal will never call you :) )

If you faced any problem with USA address and other information you can take help to generate a random information from .

Now you need to verify your Bank Account in Paypal; to do so login your Paypal account and visit 'My Account > Profile > Add Bank Account ' and fill up your Payoneer Bank information. Your will find your Payoneer bank information under 'Services > Us Payment Services' in your Payoneer account .Payoneer bank account is a 'Current' or 'Checking' account.

PayPal will send you 2 small transactions to your Bank within 2 business days. Just check your Payoneer 'view transactions' after 2 days. Put those 2 small transactions into your Paypal bank verified option and your Paypal account will be 'Bank Verified' but you can't withdraw more than $500 USD per month! you need at least 2 way verifications to do unlimited transactions. 

To do so you can easily add your 'Payoneer debit master card' for 2nd level verification! Remember Paypal will charge $1.95 USD from your Payoneer card and will give you a 'Secret Number' . So you need minimum $2 balance in your Payoneer account before you try to add your Payoneer card. You can get that secret number instantly in your Payoneer 'view transactions' area! Once you put that secret number you are done! You can now use Paypal as much as you need! But remember before you add Payoneer card you should change the Payoneer home address as same as paypal . You can rechange your Payoneer real address once your Paypal verified.

Few General Questions:
People can easily use PayPal with empty balance because Paypal transfer that fund from linked Card but 'Us-Payment Services'' don't allow that features. So you won't be able to use empty Paypal account to buy something online. You just can one way transfer money to Payoneer card from your Paypal.

You can get fund from all the company listed under 'Us Payment Service' . Us Payment Service receive all fund who accept ACH/Direct Deposit.

Read my other post 'How to withdraw money from a locked non-verified paypal account!' if you need.

Please let me know by comments below if you face any problem with Paypal. I would try to help you for free. This blog is a non profit blogging. I always check my comments and emails. I am always online 18 hours a day. So write me what you want from me or how I can make better helpful post for your guys.

All the best.

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