Monday, June 17, 2013

Getting back locked fund from non-verified paypal account!

It would be a horrible experience if paypal lock your account, fund, set a imitation or you have more fund remaining in Paypal than your limitation! Or if your Paypal account is locked with some fund for some identity verification or for some other stupid reasons.

There are some way to get back your Paypal fund and your Paypal account too. Read my other post about getting a verified US Paypal account without being a us resident!

Okay lets talk about getting back your PayPal fund here.

Paypal generally lock 'Sending limit' or 'withdraw limit' but you still can buy some product from online with that fund! 

But to release that fund you would need another verified Paypal account , You can open another Paypal account and verified that account or you can take help from your friends or family members who has a verified Paypal account.

Now follow the instruction below:

Send a 'Payment request' to your Paypal account from a verified Paypal account. 
Now you would get an email to your Paypal email address. Paypal would send you a virtual Payment button through email. Click the 'Pay now' button from your email. Visit the page and then login and Pay . 

You have to collect that amount from your friends or family who just received the payment from your account. This trick works 99.99% times. 

If your Monthly Paypal withdraw limitation is $500; It means you have verified one way. Paypal has 3 step of verifications: 

(i) Bank account  
(ii) Card verification (Debit/Credit)
(iii) TIN verification

So, complete just 2 step of these 3 it will set your transactions limit unlimited. This is for Personal Paypal account Business paypal might require more verification process.

If you still face any problem just comments below. I will try my best to give you some tips for free :)



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