Saturday, July 6, 2013

Top 10 Tips for bidding on or

Earning money from online freelance working on different freelance marketplace is not so easy. But new comer faces this problem much. And getting the first Job is very tough for new comer. 

There is a question ask 'Why I don't get a project in or though I am bidding well ?' Ans is you don't know the way of bidding.

Is there any secret of bidding on or ?
No, there is no secret of bidding but you should follow some rules.

1. Make your profile good and if possible fill it up to 80-100% 
2. Create a great Portfolio with some sample works/links
3. Make your cover letter properly.

How to make your cover letter? 

1. Never call your client 'Sir/Madam' , People from 1st world don't like 'sir' at all. You should find out their name and then write 'Dear John' if your client name is John. if you can't find the name just say 'Dear Employer'

2. Now say who you are and why you are bidding for that project? You are experienced or not?

3. Let him know you gonna give him some sample attached. or give some url of your earlier project or from your test project.

4. Then say your rate and time and why you are asking that rate? It does not matter if you are asking more or less than his budget (if employer say you can't bid more than his/her budget) , you have to know why your rate is such amount. One of my project was $250 by my employer and I bided $750 and good news I won that project because I was able to convince him why I need more?

5. Now let him know why he should hire you? Why you are best or better than others?

6. If you want to give him/her some extra/free services. suppose, You are an Internet Marketer and you can offer him 10% extra quality backlinks and this is your summer offer! (or any name) . People love to get some extra or he thinks you are friendly. but there are some situation where you should not offer some extra. Just guess the situation and take action.

7. Your availability/communication time zone. It would be better if you able to connect with your IM like Skype but remember some freelance market place don't like to contact with client without their system they can ban your account for that like on the other hand allow you to share your personal contact If your client/employer make one reply. Remember oDesk doesn't allow you to provide your contact information with your Cover letter/application.

8. This is most important part of your application/cover letter that is 'ask your client something where he must have to ans something! Always read the job/project requirements carefully and find out something that your client is missing or not giving details information. There is a 90% chance increase If you able to make a reply from your employer. So ask something cleverly.

9. Never ask minimum time ask one more day to complete the task/project. Never promise which you wouldn't be able to keep.

10. Don't forget to attach those sample/links you promised earlier.

Most of the freelancer don't bid properly they sometimes say 'I can do this job' 'Plese give me the job I am poor' 'My mom is sick I need money' . These are non-sense. Why you are bidding if you say 'I can do this job' . Everybody can do that job who are bidding. Just focus on why he will hire you?

Hi make some comments if you face any problem with different freelance marketplace. I am always watching your comments. And I will try my best to help you. 

All the best.



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