Saturday, July 6, 2013

How to start online Freelancing career?

Earning some extra is very efficient for present situation. It helps a lot and It is not easy to earn form home. First of all you must have to be skilled in your chosen field you want to earn money.

How do I start?
There are so many freelance marketplace but most famous are , , . Just register with them and this is free to join. Most of the freelance marketplace who ask money to join is fake. But they could charge you if you want some premium facilities.
If you choose Fixed price job make sure your client have enough money to their account and that is why you should probably ask for an ‘Escrow’ Payment. This is not advanced payment that payment will be in Freelance Market place’s account and your client can release that money once you finish your task. But he can’t withdraw that money until you allow that! This is secure and give guarantee that you would get paid once you finish your project.
And If you choose ‘Hourly’ Base work like in oDesk you should check that your employer has credit/debit card active! That is all!

What types of Job/project I should choose?
You should choose your expertise. Suppose you write long Facebook note so often then you should probably try as an Article Writer. One million website launces everyday to the internet and those website and people who do blog themselves need Article.
If you love to art something you can choose Graphic design. If your love math you can try programming.
If you have so much time available you can try Internet Marketing and so on.

Make a better portfolio!
Focus on your portfolio. It is very easy to attract your client if you have a rich and good looking portfolio. You should attach some sample work or link with your portfolio

Start Bidding!
So that now a days it is very tough to get project in your first week but don’t worry try your best and use some tricks in your cover letter to your client like try to ask something missed by the employer. Suppose if your client ask for High PR backlinks then ask him is it actual PR or domain PR ? and so on. Remember if you client replies your cover letter there is a 90% chance to get that job. So ask him something so that he must reply!
All the best for you and if you need any help just PM me I will answer you for free as a friend!




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