Saturday, July 6, 2013

How to start professional blogging?

This is a very common question that how can I start blogging professionally and how can I generate money from it?
I got this, there are so many ways to generate maximum revenue from a blog.

Investment is not is an issue starting professional blogging! You can start with some free web 2.0 properties like (Blogger by Google), and some other blogging platform who give you to create a blog for free! I would suggest you to using because it has some Search Engine friendly priority! And you can also start blogging by pursuing a domin and hosting. is a very friendly domain hosting firm who gives lowest domain prices and lowest quality and SEO friendly hosting with dedicated IP . Cost start from $3/m with dedicated IP while others hosting company charge $3.5-$6 for a single dedicated IP!

Choose the Name:
Use Google adward keyword analysis tool for choosing keyword of your domain/sub-domain. Make sure lowest competitor and highest visitor. Do some on-Page SEO correctly and then go ahead for some off-page SEO.

You should not choose any simple design choose a nice theme which has large display capacity and font must be Good in size and most importantly there should be enough space for advertisement. Design with high seo friendly functionality is important go Google. Use social media instigation so that people can share you post. Try such theme have automatic/random CTR display system for PPC (Pay per click) application.

Earning methods:
You can earn money from a blog from several methods like
  1. From direct advertisement from your client
  2. From Affiliate Marketing ( Chose those affiliate those relevant to your blog topic)
  3. From PPC program like Google Adsense and other pay per click

The rules you should follow:
Never copy past into your blog from internet. Post everything is yours. Copy-past can make ban your PPC account and you would loose all! And follow the basic rules of your chosen PPC program. If you use Google Adsense you should not modify the ads color or should not use any pop-up ads. It harm Google policy. It does not matter what PPC you use just make sure you are following the rules by them.
There is no shortcut method to earn money through Blogging but quality and unique content. So never copy from internet or do not steel someone else property. You must need author permission to do so.



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